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Boise CribsWe thank Boise Cribs for their donation to Startup Weekend this year! Their contribution will help us make this event as successful as it has been in the past. We are thrilled by the eagerness from local businesses like Boise Cribs to support new startups and budding entrepreneurs. Boise Cribs Real Estate is a boutique Real Estate Company that quickly made a name for itself by offering a service that is based on a cutting-edge, socially-mobile and modern business plan. Over the years, the Principals of Boise Cribs have bought and sold residential properties from $7,200 to $6.75 Million. On the Buyer side, they specialize in finding the best Residential Investment Properties and “Weekly Best Foreclosure Deals” – with an emphasis on Bank Owned Luxury Properties and First-Time Homes at 40-70% less than what they were selling for a few years ago.  On the Seller side, they specialize in a 235-Step Listing and Marketing Plan that will guarantee your home is “seen” by tens of thousands of people a month.  Their dedicated Short Sale team is always ready to assist.

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